Thursday, January 1, 2009

day 4

OMG!!! Two eggs and two bacon and 6 oz. grapefruit juice....blah! BORING!!! I bet the passers by think I have terrets syndrome!! All the stretching and crap I do as I drive! lunch 330 calorie french bread pizza and tea sweetened with sweet and low.....yum!! grapefruit juice...yuck. Ran up and down the stairs at work 5 times each...thought I was going to have to ask for a wheel chair!!!! Then I walked the entire area around the city hospital!!! Hello asthma!!!! Did 10 heads of hair today...yeah!!! After work went to the visitation of a former classmate. SAD! I cried and cried. Dinner I had meat loaf and spinach and also the stupid black eyed pea rumor!! Doesnt matter how many freaking black eyed peas I eat my luck never changes!! Now I have heart burn!! I had a sip....ok ok.....a gulp ..... or two....ok 20oz of dr. pepper today!!!!!!!! YUMMMMMY I havent had dr pepper for like 5 days! Soo good! Ok back on track now. So...I think Logan has another ear infection. He has been throwing up due to bad cough and screaming! I know he is cutting two molars but I think that it is his ears. Will call doc in morning. Debating wether to go to funereal tomorrow. Want to but need money. I could push my appointments to afternoon but if Logan gets an appointment for the morning or afternoon I will have to miss one of these events for tomorrow. BUT Logan is more important!

Yesterday I ate all 3 strips of bacon!! DANG IT!!! no will power!!

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  1. Most anything I would forgive you, but THREE strips of bacon OMG!!!! Bet that DP tasted really good. I haven't had one in quiet a while either, aarrrgghh. Great Great job on the Exercizing!!! I am soooo proud of you! Keep it up dont give out on me though!