Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OMG OMG OMG>>>>>>...........................

GUESS WHAT! I have lost weight! Yes Yes, this is so great!.
Sorry Mandi didnt get to tell you earlier, but yeah!!!!!!! this is awesome.
I am soooo excited,lol. I couldnt believe it, i had to recheck it over and over OMG. I didnt believe it again so I weighed my daughter. I weighed in the same day at the same place they weighed her at the doc a few days ago, so i figured if the scale was right on her then it must be on me as well! RIGHT? Well it was right on for her...... Are you ready to hear how much it says that i lost??? I also mark it up to water weight as well, but lost weight is lost weight!
Ok ...ok...ok.... I will tell you know....But first I will have you know today was all going along smoothly until i was just so close to making it home. I got a flat tire tonight! not just flat.....it blew....it seperated and there was wire mesh poking up everywhere, didnt realize this till the fix a flat decided to come through, yeah a $10 can.
I got hold of Jake and he came and got me....we will figure it out, although, just put the last of my money in the tank,lol. Go figure, well, i bet you are still wondering???
I HAVE LOST 14LBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HONEST that is what it said!!!!! Tomorrow i am starting a colon cleanse and Acai berry as well, I sure hope they help!! well that is all for tonight, other needing some major help with a few orders lol!
well there will be more tomorrow!

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