Saturday, February 7, 2009


Due to the power outage in our area, we have been unable to post/update the blog. Thank you for being patient and hopefully we will be back up and running and blogging away at our wonderful challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay safe and take care!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hello Happy Thursday......

Well, I havent been going out of my way to not eat, but have found my self automatically eatting smaller amounts and waiting to make sure I am still hungry.
I was able to put on a pair of blue jeans!! Not real loose, but I got them on , that in its self is an accomplishment lol. Normally when home it is sweats and pj's lol. Although I have found I am more tired than ever. Need to do more pick me up!!! I feel so bad for Mandi, She is soo sick, bless her, she needs your support to get through that nasty bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I will update later tomorrow evening. I am going to buy my scale tomorrow, woohoo, cant wait to see how that works lol! Goodnight all and have a great day!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My horrible weightloss!

STOMCAH BUG!! I wonder how much weight I have pooped out! Gross I know! The pains from this bug were horrible. I had to leave work, which I have never left that early before!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Last night I had Spaghetti!, Those that know me, know that that is my favorite, I over did it just a bit, but still feel okay lol. Thank you Mandi, you gonna make me blush!!!! lol. I Have been doing pretty good I think, could get a bit more organized, but otherwise doing GREAT! Need to just DO IT! lol Yup too much coffee already this morning! Got to go to town today, will be back later! Have a super great day! oh by the way, here is an updated photo of the smoking blanket, now have 27 rows i believe lol. The original photos are archived under 2008 and listed as Smoking blanket.......

Monday, January 19, 2009

My weight GAIN challenge!

Okay so now I am gaining weight. I think I am just going to control my portions and focus more on healthy foods. I can't stick to a diet program or an exercise routine. I am still getting exercise but obviously not enough. I stepped on the scale at the jones center and it said I weighed 220. Of course I had jeans, two shirts and HEAVY (lol) shoes on. Doesn't matter I still gained some weight...gag. I seen Mary over the weekend and WOW!!! She is changing more and more! She looks soooo good. 14 pounds lighter and smoke free! I am sooo proud of her. She does give in everynow and then .... which is good because you don't want to deprive yourself of everything. She just eats smaller amounts of it. GREAT JOB GIRL! You are my idol...I am going to be a copycat and follow what you do. If it works for you maybe just maybe it will work for me too!

Justin is home from school today. Stomach bug! YUCK! Poop and chunks all over the bathroom!!! All I can smell right now is BLEACH!! About made my self sick...scrubbing up the squirts of poop that were on the floor. GAG GAG GAG.....nasty. Poor fella! He is pale and weak. Hasn't vomitted since 530 this morning...hopefully he is done with that part.

Alli and Logan are doing good. Logan is back on the nebulizer because his selfish mother wont put the cigarettes down.

Did my taxes and ---- WOOOOO-flippin----hoo!!!! It will be in the bank by the 30th!!! Got a small list of things to get and do this year with the refund. Vacuum cleaner, piece of carpet, medical bills, car payment and school payment.


Mary you ROCK!! You are such a beautiful person. And are so genuine, you shine, just like a diamond! I am jealous of you! :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just Shakin My Bon Bons: The Sassy Sisters Spotlight is Shinin On

Just Shakin My Bon Bons: The Sassy Sisters Spotlight is Shinin On

Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to share this with everyone else! I am so excited!


Well, i must say that I haven't really went by any special diet these last few days! I was so excited for having lost weight and I have been really busy,lol. I think we all have been. I did have a girls night and had a blast, it was great having the girls over and just being girly,lol. And I promise I will get an updated pic of the smoking blanket up real soon, especially for Stefini, how can't quiet figure out why it hasnt "grown" any lol just kidding. Its a good day! Will talk to you soon! By the way last night I had a grill hot ham and cheese sandwich with tomato soup. It was really good lol.