Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years 3

Well, Im back! Kaitie and I ate mac & cheese with hotdogs in it. I ate about a cup worth. I put Kaitie down for a nap and went right to work on those stairs! There are 13 steps strait up no rails with wall on one side and open space on the other. I made 5 trips up and 5 trips down. I was putting away all the christmas decorations. (Jake put the tree up there for me) I also had to put away a couple of baskets and a couple boxes of material and scrap material for the sewing project I did for Christmas. After putting them in their places I got to the bottom of the stairs and I did the step up exercise at the bottom.
After doing all that I started cleaning more on the house. Another load of dishes and another load of laundry. Its never ending. In between all of this Kaitie gets up and we have coloring and reading and she made me pretty with little clippies in my hair and on and
About 430 we heard a weird noise outside and upon investigating we found that our dog had decided to take out the phone and DSL line. Just great, not much "work" got done online!
I had a non fat yogurt for a snack!!!!!!!! Arent you proud of me?! It was strawberry banana, cant stomach the plain or vanilla sorry.
For supper I had a Cheesy chili burrito. (just one) and the only things I am drinking are Water, coffee and tea. Lots of tea! I am putting 1/2 cup of sugar in a gallon of tea so that I dont keep adding tons of sugar by the glass.
Jake got the phone and DSL lines fixed about 930 so that I could tell you about my day!!!
Jake is working on his truck trying to get it fixed. Was tooo cold to take Kaitie outside today so we played inside. AARRGGHHH.... Another mess to clean up!
I am praying that I get a scale soon, but afraid to see it even though I must!
I have put another row in the smoking blanket. I have had 10 cigs today!!!!! I will quit!
I am cramping bad, but will make it another couple of hours to ring in the new year. So uncertain about the new year, but can only hope and pray that it gets better!

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  1. Keep it up! Work through the burn! Today try going up and down with a can of food in each hand 6 up and 6 down! I am proud of you!! You are doing great! Remember when you lose enough you and kathy can fight over my 22-24 clothes!! I have a hole wardrobe for you all!!! enough to fill probably 6 13 gallon trash bags!!!!!!! Seriously! Holly you too will benefit from my closet if you want! Join us and you to will feel great!