Sunday, January 11, 2009

I lost out today.....

Hello, I so wanted to go to the Jones center today, but Kaitie wasnt feeling well at all! I hope she can get over this soon. The antibiotics don't seem to be doing as good a job. She has another Dr's appointment so we will see. At least shes not screaming that her ear hurts.
I am still smoke free, I think that is a good done deal.
My weight is still an issue. But that will come in due time i am positive. I know that the largest part of my problem is just believing in my self. And you know what? Its the biggest truth. I will kick this habit, this food habit, lol. I will get up and get moving.
I am going to make a point to get to the Jones Center and exercize and go swimming!!!! I know that kaitie would have a blast on the ICE!!
Tomorrow is a one more day that i will try that much harder. I will post again tomorrow. going to meet Mandi in town to pick up flyers and run some errands I can't wait! So more later...... Gonna go jump in shower, lol thats an image to make a person loose weight right there lol. good night.

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