Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thursday-4th day

Well, cant say I was as active as Mandi, but hey I think its great she is as active as she is. It encourages me to keep pushing.
Sorry Hun, I know today was very hard for you on top of all you did at work by keeping "moving" and doing hair.
Today I had coffee and a bowl of cold cereal, shredded wheat,(No added sugar). I had 1 very dry tuna salad sand. for lunch. So dry had to have two glasses of tea to wash it down. Trying to get the omega's,lol. For supper had left over Spaghetti. 1 serving! and no not the whole plate. I had one of those tiny cups of ice cream (40 calories) for desert. And all day I drank Tea. That is the total of my intake today. I had to force that down as it was. Wasn't in the mood to eat, but knew that I had to.
I did the stair stepping as far as exercising went. Cramping so bad today and flow too heavy. Sorry I know its gross to hear, but that's the reality of it all. Just part of life.
I did the normal cleaning, but unlike Mandi, I give up after doing something 3 times in a row in one day. At least I know I will have plenty to do tomorrow.
Kaitie is still sick, It seemed like she was getting better, until this evening. We tried to work on our letters but coloring took over at some point. She is sneaky like that.
Jake got his truck fixed HALLALOOOOOOYAAAA!!!
I need ankle and wrist weights. I don't have room down stairs to put in any big equipment, Kaitie's not allowed upstairs and doesn't always take long enough naps or any naps for that matter. I have been working in the office most of the day, getting everything cleared out from last year and ready for this year. Woo Hoo, so much fun.
I may have my sister and her 6 kids over for the weekend so that will keep me busy. Won't know until tomorrow. That will help with not smoking. She is allergic to the smoke and some of her kids have asthma. I have smoked 6 cigs today and I will be cold turkey come morning. Dear Lord, please help my family understand I still love them that it is just nicotine withdrawal.
This morning I was sooooo tired, felt like my eyes were open all night. Its the tea, am going to the bathroom so much at night. But at least I am pushing the fluids out and hopefully more than just that. Water weight sucks.
I snapped at Kaitie. Poor thing, it was 7am and she stared me strait in the face and said"get up and feed me I am hungry!" AT 7AM!!!!! She ate 2nds at supper the night before in spite of the drainage crap. I feel another growth spurt coming on and we just got in to the size 6's. Thank God Mandi brought her the box of clothes! At this rate she will be 5 ft tall by first grade! Shes already close to 4ft tall at 3yrs.
Tomorrow I plan on doing the eggs and bacon. I have thought about doing the all protein diet. Not sure depends on if she tries to get me up that early again. (Yes I know its not really that early, but for those who know me, you KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)LOL.
Good Night, Hope everyone has had a great 1st Day of the Year!

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