Saturday, January 3, 2009

A beautiful day great weather!!!!

Today was a good day for me. Sorry Mandi!
I walked the big loop around our house and the barns....5 1/2 TIMES!!!!! The first couple of times Jake did them with me (he had to leave and go do more work) Kaitie did them all with me. Did the stairs for just a bit but heels started hurting something fierce! OMG the made me want to scream...Okay, I did scream. Did some research and I believe it may possibly be Plantar Faciitis. Its been hurting like this for over a year and keeps getting worse. But when you have no insurance, your pretty much up the creek.......
I ate cold cereal late in the morning,lol and for lunch I had EGGS LOL. 2 eggs and toast. for supper I had Grilled chicken and alfredo sause on those spiral noodles, hey noodles are noodles and they were really good. I made sure I made enough for tomorrows lunch. And of course the tea and coffee. mainly tea, working on gallon #3. ( Im not the only one drinking it,lol).
I havent smoked today. I took a drag off of Jakes and it gave me a headache and didnt like the taste of it. really happy that even though i had the urge it is just something to keep my hands busy. I dont really want them and I keep telling my self that. The smoking blanket is coming along rather nicely lol. I am proud of what I was able to accomplish today. I even made sidewalk chalk art with Kaitie on the front porch. I am hoping that this week to come shows some results. Its all going to be okay. Must stay possitive.

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