Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, i have come to realise that my body hates me,lol. Yup. More like a defiant 3 yr old. I want it to do what i tell it to and expect it to understand and it throws a fit and does the exact opposite.
I have been really trying on the diet. I don't believe that i have lost any weight, but can tell that I have lost inches. At least that is what I am told. I actually believe that i haven't lost a stinking pound or inch,lol. I think its running all over the place. what was on my belling packed up and went to live with my booty.
I have been eating my veggies, a salad everyday, no matter what. I have been watching the amount that i eat at a time. I know I expect way too much right off the bat, but I would rather have some kind of expectations than none at all.
This year I am going to be more positive, I am going to have a back bone!! I am going to spend more time with my daughter. Make more time for my family and make more time for my friends! Oh yeah, I think I will try to make more time to clean house as well, hum....
I will be starting a new venture soon. I have decided to start selling TBS@H~The Body Shop at Home. Its great product! I feel that it compliments my RHC as well. And in doing so Maybe the spa treatments will do wonders for my disposition, lol.
Many factors are at play, when it come to me staying sane. Right now they are mainly, my family, my work and my BFF Mandi.
I have continued working on the smoking blanket. now it keeps my chocolate cravings at bay. I have thought about selling it, but at least if I kept it I could say this is what got me through,lol. NOT Kaitie would take it and claim it as hers lol. (she and Jake would fight over it,lol)
Bye the way, IF anyone really cares to know this!!!!!!!!!THE GRAPEFRUIT JUICE IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. But am doing the best that I can or at least to the best of my tolerance. I have slept for about 4 1/2 hours and I am back up again. I think that I will lay back down now for a little bit. My hip is truly hurting me this morning. I wonder if i hit something or slept hard on it? Need to ease it and the house is calm so I'm going back to bed! Talk to you all again later!

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