Monday, January 5, 2009

Today was not so bad..

I started out slow and stiff. Didnt sleep well. Kaitie had the balls of her feet in the center of my back last night and I doubt that she stayed still for more than an hour at a time. Got up and had a couple ok 3 cups of coffee before breakfast! Had three little dry silver dollar pancakes for breakfast. I had a oven roasted turkey breast sandwich on a wheat kyser bun. And liked it so much had another one at supper time. No snacks no extras today. Oh yea, NO CIGS TODAY!!!!!! The urge is hanging on for dear life but i am fighting it. OMG I want chocolate,lol. I have been working here in the office most of the day trying to get more parties booked and or orders to turn in and advertisement. Very frustraited with work and asking my self what the hell was i thinking when i said i would loose weight and quit smoking at the same time,lol. I am currently looking at other things out there. Not many choices but keeping my eyes open. I am tired right now. I am going to go to town tomorrow, Kaitie is going to hate it, will probably be there all day. Well, more later, right now I am not great company lol. You want to know the worst of it. I started this diet and quit smoking at the same time i got my period. so I should be supper dupper fun and happy next week huh?, lol so well, good night! Right now am cold and going into the living room near the fire.

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