Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years 3

Well, Im back! Kaitie and I ate mac & cheese with hotdogs in it. I ate about a cup worth. I put Kaitie down for a nap and went right to work on those stairs! There are 13 steps strait up no rails with wall on one side and open space on the other. I made 5 trips up and 5 trips down. I was putting away all the christmas decorations. (Jake put the tree up there for me) I also had to put away a couple of baskets and a couple boxes of material and scrap material for the sewing project I did for Christmas. After putting them in their places I got to the bottom of the stairs and I did the step up exercise at the bottom.
After doing all that I started cleaning more on the house. Another load of dishes and another load of laundry. Its never ending. In between all of this Kaitie gets up and we have coloring and reading and she made me pretty with little clippies in my hair and on and
About 430 we heard a weird noise outside and upon investigating we found that our dog had decided to take out the phone and DSL line. Just great, not much "work" got done online!
I had a non fat yogurt for a snack!!!!!!!! Arent you proud of me?! It was strawberry banana, cant stomach the plain or vanilla sorry.
For supper I had a Cheesy chili burrito. (just one) and the only things I am drinking are Water, coffee and tea. Lots of tea! I am putting 1/2 cup of sugar in a gallon of tea so that I dont keep adding tons of sugar by the glass.
Jake got the phone and DSL lines fixed about 930 so that I could tell you about my day!!!
Jake is working on his truck trying to get it fixed. Was tooo cold to take Kaitie outside today so we played inside. AARRGGHHH.... Another mess to clean up!
I am praying that I get a scale soon, but afraid to see it even though I must!
I have put another row in the smoking blanket. I have had 10 cigs today!!!!! I will quit!
I am cramping bad, but will make it another couple of hours to ring in the new year. So uncertain about the new year, but can only hope and pray that it gets better!

My 3rd day!

Well, I didn't have time to cook my eggs and bacon this morning. So I stopped at Taco Place in Fayetteville and ordered myself 2 eggs and 1/2 order of bacon (3 strips) for $2.98. 1 strip too many..........did I eat it??? I will let you wonder about that?.! I brought my grapefruit juice from home and drank it after I ate my 2 eggs and ??? strips of bacon. When I got to work I walked quickly (because it burns more calories and because I was late!! LOL). Did like 4-5 heads of hair and left at noon. Went to the bank and then to that gas station where the scale in the bathroom told me I weighed 210. :( That is okay! 5 pounds is 5 pounds right! Pissed off and disappointed in the results from that !@#%$ machine, I went and got the kids from my sisters house. Logan is cutting two molars right now. SCREAMING!! both me and him!!!!!!!!! Alli is bossy and Justin is annoying!! I am sooo flippin' stressed out right now! Anyways went to Wendy's and got a BLT grilled chicken salad and kids food. Ate my salad with Logan on my lap. Went to take a nap after I drank my grapefruit juice and didnt get up till 430pm. Logan threw up! For those of you who dont know....I DONT HANDLE VOMIT VERY WELL!! I hollared for my mother in law to help...little did I know she was in the bathroom throwing up too! GAG!! OMG! I just knew I was going to vomit. But I didn't! She cleaned it and him up and again I had to hold him!! My arms are so sore from all the working out I have been doing. But whatever! Dinner time came and I ate Charlies Chicken with okra. NO GRAPEFRUIT JUICE because now I feel sick!! I still have the wonderfull diarreah!!! And a headache. And my peroid is late, so I am bitchy!!! I go to the doctor on monday to get put on Wellbutrin XL!!!!! Thank god, sanity is just a few days away!!

Happy new year to all! I will be in bed shortly after this post! I have tried to stay awake in the past and just dont work for me. Too tired from splitting fighting kids up and working all day! Sorry to be a party pooper (lol...literately diarreah!! LOL) but I just dont celebrate the first day of a new year and never will! Oh yeah and it is my ex-fiancee's bday tomorrow that is another reason to NOT celebrate! I will be slacking off the cancer sticks as of AM tomorrow! That is what I need support for! BITCHY DAYS ARE A COMING----Dont take it personal!

The Smoking Blanket...

This is the blanket throw I am making. I work on it everytime I get the urge to smoke more than a couple of cigs in an hour. Mainly in the evening. I can put about two rows in before my hands start to cramp. This also helps me to not reach for the food which usually happens when I dont have a cig,lol. So I think this is a good tool for me!
This is called a triple stitch I THINK. My sister Bethany taught me this and I am so thankful she had. THANK YOU BETHANY!


I dont have a scale, so dont know if I am making any progress. I have to be! I want some grapefruit! I know I said it was gross, but it apparently is working for you and I will suffer and do the grapefruit thing, BUT I will not eat asparagus, I draw the line with that and mushrooms,lol. I didn't eat the whole plate, sure wanted to though! And I have been crocheting when I get the urge to smoke especially if I had already had one that hour. I am now up to 17 rows on the throw I am making,lol. I need fresh veggies! I can eat the heck out of a salad! Today so far I have had breakfast WITH my coffee. I am getting ready to eat lunch with Kaitie and when she is down for her nap I am going to make trips up and down the stairs. Too dangerous for when she is awake. Those of you that have seen the stairs know that there isnt a handrail and if you know Kaitie, she wants to be part of it all lol. And she is sick right now, actually sounds like a raspy congested cough, and her nose OMG, talk about allergies. I am going to bundle her up after her nap and walk the loop around our house, Make it into a game, if she isnt too sick other wise its Stair not-so Master,lol. I have only allowed myself to have ONE piece of this wonderful Fudge Mandi made for Christmas. So It has been my reward for a good day. Since Im not being very good,lol. It may still be there for another week! Thank you all for supporting us!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Scale says I have lost done to 206. ALREADY??? I promise I havent been purging!! The grapefruit gives me diarreah!! WOO-HOO thank goodness for diarreah!!

That is 9 pounds already!!! Just 21 more to go!!! WE CAN DO IT! and will do it!!

My day of dieting--continues!

After lunch I ---??--- ok ok I had 1 cinnamon roll @#!$% I cheated!!!!!!!!!!! But after I ate it I drank like 8 oz of grapefruit juice....hopefully that helped. LOL

Dinner was great! I grilled chicken breasts with Ms. Dash and had asparagus! And 10 oz. of grapefruit juice!

Have done some arm exercises and did some dancing!

Still just as motivated as I was yesterday! I promise myself that I will not cheat tomorrow or even the next day!

I promise! LOL

Will go and weigh and see if anything has changed!
Not likely.

Another day......

Today went by quiet fast. I am really not sure where all the hours went,lol.
I know that I didn't eat right at all! I got up and had coffee, which is pretty much breakfast for me. I also had a sliced turkey sandwich on wheat with a little bit of mayo and I have had a Chocolate milk shake(frozen yogurt). And we are having Spaghetti for supper. (I promise to not have more than one helping. Does that count if it is a Whole plate,lol.) Just kidding Mandi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have worked on the house, but I dont have a whole bunch of energy today,(Started, if you know what I mean).
But I did move around as much as I could! I got dishes done and 1 load of laundry (dryer going out,lol, one more thing for Jake to fix.)
I have smoked less than half a pack of cigs today!! I am very determined. Jake (my husband) found out how serious I was today! Boy he got it with both barrels today, I am soo sorry. Not only is he finding out I am not going to be easy to live with for a bit but it all started at once and the hormones on top of that. Kaitie steared clear of mommy today. She was daddy's little girl.
She is a hugh factor in keeping me going. I want to be able to play with her and do many things that mommies do. I want to be a better, healthier mommie and wife!!!
okay I wont eat a whole plate of spaghetti, just half. HEY! its a start! Besides.... Mandi's post wore me out just reading all she did today, WOW!!!
Well, Tomorrow will be a better day! I am looking forward to it! And yes I took my medicine. Thank you so so so so much!
Started my day with 2 eggs, 2 strips of bacon and 6 oz. grapefruit juice...Lunch-beef broth and cole slaw 1/2 cup tea and 6 oz grapefruit juice. I stretched today with 3 lb weights. And rolled a ball around for cardio exercise. I then got lost in my kids' room!! Literatly!! NASTY!!! I moved Alli's bed from one position to the next and then picked up millions of blocks, hotwheels, baby clothes and other toys. I then vacuumed until the vacuum quit sucking!!! Stupid vacuum. I then did some spot cleaning on the carpet. YEAH RIGHT!!! Mashed in fruit snacks, pudding splats and yogurt splats! YUMMY!

So as you can see I have been extremely busy cleaning and organizing. I still have a long way to go...but not enough time today to do it all!

Burp--yuck grapefruit flavord slaw!!

Gotta go--- change out the laundry and start one more out of the 10 loads I have to do!
I love cleaning up after 6 people and one cat all by myself!! Afterall you know that I AM THE ONLY ONE MAKING MESSES HERE!!!!!! Whatever! Cant get no help! Dont want any help!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Beginning photos and weights......

Mandi: 215lbs

Mary: 315lbs
These photos were taken 12/29/08 at the Battlefield Park!

Our weight loss challenge.....

We are starting on a NEW US for the NEW YEAR!!!
Mandi and I have decided that we want a NEW US by this time next year. We are asking for your support in helping us loose the weight. Doing this blog and allowing others to "weigh" in is a way to make it more real for us and to help us try harder.
I for one hate my picture being taken! I don't like to see how horrible I look. I Hope that by allowing you to actually see me can help shock me into shedding the pounds.

The unique factor in this challenge is that Mandi and I both have Hypothyroidism. Its an unforgiving condition to have. There are many "problems" associated with having a throid problem.

With a major imbalance of hormones it is much harder to maintain our weight and peace of mind, so to speak.
Yes, with proper medication and a steady routine it is possible. It will be even better with the support of our family and friends to help keep us on track.

One more thing to through into the mix: We are also giving up Cigarettes!!! Yes! We are going to lose the weight and stop smoking and get HEALTHY.
We have both set achievable goals and building from there. We have set our starting weight loss goal at 30lbs and praying for more!!!
There are other family members that are doing this with us. SUPPORT, SUPPORT SUPPORT!
That with DETERMINATION is what we are needing to fight this battle!