Saturday, February 7, 2009


Due to the power outage in our area, we have been unable to post/update the blog. Thank you for being patient and hopefully we will be back up and running and blogging away at our wonderful challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay safe and take care!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hello Happy Thursday......

Well, I havent been going out of my way to not eat, but have found my self automatically eatting smaller amounts and waiting to make sure I am still hungry.
I was able to put on a pair of blue jeans!! Not real loose, but I got them on , that in its self is an accomplishment lol. Normally when home it is sweats and pj's lol. Although I have found I am more tired than ever. Need to do more pick me up!!! I feel so bad for Mandi, She is soo sick, bless her, she needs your support to get through that nasty bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I will update later tomorrow evening. I am going to buy my scale tomorrow, woohoo, cant wait to see how that works lol! Goodnight all and have a great day!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My horrible weightloss!

STOMCAH BUG!! I wonder how much weight I have pooped out! Gross I know! The pains from this bug were horrible. I had to leave work, which I have never left that early before!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Last night I had Spaghetti!, Those that know me, know that that is my favorite, I over did it just a bit, but still feel okay lol. Thank you Mandi, you gonna make me blush!!!! lol. I Have been doing pretty good I think, could get a bit more organized, but otherwise doing GREAT! Need to just DO IT! lol Yup too much coffee already this morning! Got to go to town today, will be back later! Have a super great day! oh by the way, here is an updated photo of the smoking blanket, now have 27 rows i believe lol. The original photos are archived under 2008 and listed as Smoking blanket.......

Monday, January 19, 2009

My weight GAIN challenge!

Okay so now I am gaining weight. I think I am just going to control my portions and focus more on healthy foods. I can't stick to a diet program or an exercise routine. I am still getting exercise but obviously not enough. I stepped on the scale at the jones center and it said I weighed 220. Of course I had jeans, two shirts and HEAVY (lol) shoes on. Doesn't matter I still gained some weight...gag. I seen Mary over the weekend and WOW!!! She is changing more and more! She looks soooo good. 14 pounds lighter and smoke free! I am sooo proud of her. She does give in everynow and then .... which is good because you don't want to deprive yourself of everything. She just eats smaller amounts of it. GREAT JOB GIRL! You are my idol...I am going to be a copycat and follow what you do. If it works for you maybe just maybe it will work for me too!

Justin is home from school today. Stomach bug! YUCK! Poop and chunks all over the bathroom!!! All I can smell right now is BLEACH!! About made my self sick...scrubbing up the squirts of poop that were on the floor. GAG GAG GAG.....nasty. Poor fella! He is pale and weak. Hasn't vomitted since 530 this morning...hopefully he is done with that part.

Alli and Logan are doing good. Logan is back on the nebulizer because his selfish mother wont put the cigarettes down.

Did my taxes and ---- WOOOOO-flippin----hoo!!!! It will be in the bank by the 30th!!! Got a small list of things to get and do this year with the refund. Vacuum cleaner, piece of carpet, medical bills, car payment and school payment.


Mary you ROCK!! You are such a beautiful person. And are so genuine, you shine, just like a diamond! I am jealous of you! :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just Shakin My Bon Bons: The Sassy Sisters Spotlight is Shinin On

Just Shakin My Bon Bons: The Sassy Sisters Spotlight is Shinin On

Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to share this with everyone else! I am so excited!


Well, i must say that I haven't really went by any special diet these last few days! I was so excited for having lost weight and I have been really busy,lol. I think we all have been. I did have a girls night and had a blast, it was great having the girls over and just being girly,lol. And I promise I will get an updated pic of the smoking blanket up real soon, especially for Stefini, how can't quiet figure out why it hasnt "grown" any lol just kidding. Its a good day! Will talk to you soon! By the way last night I had a grill hot ham and cheese sandwich with tomato soup. It was really good lol.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OMG OMG OMG>>>>>>...........................

GUESS WHAT! I have lost weight! Yes Yes, this is so great!.
Sorry Mandi didnt get to tell you earlier, but yeah!!!!!!! this is awesome.
I am soooo excited,lol. I couldnt believe it, i had to recheck it over and over OMG. I didnt believe it again so I weighed my daughter. I weighed in the same day at the same place they weighed her at the doc a few days ago, so i figured if the scale was right on her then it must be on me as well! RIGHT? Well it was right on for her...... Are you ready to hear how much it says that i lost??? I also mark it up to water weight as well, but lost weight is lost weight!
Ok ...ok...ok.... I will tell you know....But first I will have you know today was all going along smoothly until i was just so close to making it home. I got a flat tire tonight! not just seperated and there was wire mesh poking up everywhere, didnt realize this till the fix a flat decided to come through, yeah a $10 can.
I got hold of Jake and he came and got me....we will figure it out, although, just put the last of my money in the tank,lol. Go figure, well, i bet you are still wondering???
I HAVE LOST 14LBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HONEST that is what it said!!!!! Tomorrow i am starting a colon cleanse and Acai berry as well, I sure hope they help!! well that is all for tonight, other needing some major help with a few orders lol!
well there will be more tomorrow!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I purchased Alli!!

I am starting my Low-Cal, Low-Fat diet with ALLI tomorrow! I am excited. I read all the leaflets it came with and I truly think I can do this. Wish Me LUCK!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I lost out today.....

Hello, I so wanted to go to the Jones center today, but Kaitie wasnt feeling well at all! I hope she can get over this soon. The antibiotics don't seem to be doing as good a job. She has another Dr's appointment so we will see. At least shes not screaming that her ear hurts.
I am still smoke free, I think that is a good done deal.
My weight is still an issue. But that will come in due time i am positive. I know that the largest part of my problem is just believing in my self. And you know what? Its the biggest truth. I will kick this habit, this food habit, lol. I will get up and get moving.
I am going to make a point to get to the Jones Center and exercize and go swimming!!!! I know that kaitie would have a blast on the ICE!!
Tomorrow is a one more day that i will try that much harder. I will post again tomorrow. going to meet Mandi in town to pick up flyers and run some errands I can't wait! So more later...... Gonna go jump in shower, lol thats an image to make a person loose weight right there lol. good night.

my day

We went to the jones center and swam today. And weighed in!! I weighed 212. Kathy lost 6 pounds and is in the 200's now!!! And ryan (hubby) weighed 300!! He has lost 10 pounds! O'Well mary and I will have our day!


Well, i have come to realise that my body hates me,lol. Yup. More like a defiant 3 yr old. I want it to do what i tell it to and expect it to understand and it throws a fit and does the exact opposite.
I have been really trying on the diet. I don't believe that i have lost any weight, but can tell that I have lost inches. At least that is what I am told. I actually believe that i haven't lost a stinking pound or inch,lol. I think its running all over the place. what was on my belling packed up and went to live with my booty.
I have been eating my veggies, a salad everyday, no matter what. I have been watching the amount that i eat at a time. I know I expect way too much right off the bat, but I would rather have some kind of expectations than none at all.
This year I am going to be more positive, I am going to have a back bone!! I am going to spend more time with my daughter. Make more time for my family and make more time for my friends! Oh yeah, I think I will try to make more time to clean house as well, hum....
I will be starting a new venture soon. I have decided to start selling TBS@H~The Body Shop at Home. Its great product! I feel that it compliments my RHC as well. And in doing so Maybe the spa treatments will do wonders for my disposition, lol.
Many factors are at play, when it come to me staying sane. Right now they are mainly, my family, my work and my BFF Mandi.
I have continued working on the smoking blanket. now it keeps my chocolate cravings at bay. I have thought about selling it, but at least if I kept it I could say this is what got me through,lol. NOT Kaitie would take it and claim it as hers lol. (she and Jake would fight over it,lol)
Bye the way, IF anyone really cares to know this!!!!!!!!!THE GRAPEFRUIT JUICE IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. But am doing the best that I can or at least to the best of my tolerance. I have slept for about 4 1/2 hours and I am back up again. I think that I will lay back down now for a little bit. My hip is truly hurting me this morning. I wonder if i hit something or slept hard on it? Need to ease it and the house is calm so I'm going back to bed! Talk to you all again later!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Went to the Jones center yesterday and stepped on their scale....212. So I havent lost a whole lot. But I am going to go up there every mon or tues and weigh in.

Swimming on sunday!

Got alot of hair to do today! YEAHHHH...Was asked a question yesterday that put me in my place???

"Will you do my mom's hair when she dies??" I said "Of course I will...It will be hard but I will do it."

Thoughts or opinions on this??

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WELL I blew it......

Lol, I blew it big time lol. On Tuesday I met up with Mandi in town. We had lunch together and she did really good, but i BLEW IT! I had a BLT with extra Mayo! And a really big tea,lol. Later that after noon, after I took kaitie it to the doctor, I met up with jake and we ate in town. We went to The Pavillion, for those who dont know, its a chinese Buffet! And boy I really dug in. I was really depressed i guess you could say......Earlier while at the Doc's office with Kaitie I used the scales to weigh in and guess what it said???......315. I have not lost ONE STINKING POUND!!! When i got home i tried really hard to not snack or anything. Before bed i gave in and at a chocolate pop tart. okay i at the whole stinking package (2 tarts). Jake informed me that i was doing great in that department. Said hey dont most people gain lots of weight when they quit smoking and you havent gained anything! I said the night is still young,lol. yeah very positive huh. Anyway, I understand and agree with him, but it still sucks. I have been eating so differently and exercising and all. Well, at least i havent picked up another cig. 3 days now!!!!!Today hasnt been so hard. Went to fun city to meet up with other moms in the NWA Playgroup. it was okay, missed my friends lol. Kaitie had the biggest blast ever! After she puked, yup on the way over there she PUKED!All over her self lol it was discusting but I swung in to the local dollar store got her another outfit and cleaned her up and figured we were already there and she was crying wanting to go so we did and she loved it. It was a lot of fun just wish that it was closer to home. I have had another sandwich on wheat bread and oven roasted turkey. I may have stepped out of line on my diet but am going to pick it right back up. And yes i was mean to Mandi and i admit it. I made her wait to have a cig,lol. That was fun lol Just kidding. but it was good for you.!
Am posting now because I fear that not if but when i sit in my recliner i will fall asleep and well. im that tired. Does anyone remember what it was like to play in a Ball Pit? Hum......

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Alli ??

I went to the doctor yesterday and they diagnosed me with S.A.D. It is a seasonal affected disorder. More or less a winter depression----scrooge!! Lol. I am taking 10,000 IU of vit. d-3 right now and will for a week. If that doesnt pull me out of it then he will diagnose me with Bipolar disorder. Pray that vitamin d works!!!

As far as my diet goes....not good! Cigarettes----not good. I asked the doctor yesterday if the Alli diet plan would be okay for me to try and he said YES!! Since my thyroid condition affects everything I do and every med I take I had to ask. But no known interactions with the thyroid pills!!! So once I get my tax refund I will be buying a 3 month supply and a pilates kit! Till then I am cutting back on some calories and still exercising like crazy!!

Logan is getting better since he is on the antibiotic! and Alli's left over croup is getting better now too. Just thankful that they are on the right road to recovery.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Today was not so bad..

I started out slow and stiff. Didnt sleep well. Kaitie had the balls of her feet in the center of my back last night and I doubt that she stayed still for more than an hour at a time. Got up and had a couple ok 3 cups of coffee before breakfast! Had three little dry silver dollar pancakes for breakfast. I had a oven roasted turkey breast sandwich on a wheat kyser bun. And liked it so much had another one at supper time. No snacks no extras today. Oh yea, NO CIGS TODAY!!!!!! The urge is hanging on for dear life but i am fighting it. OMG I want chocolate,lol. I have been working here in the office most of the day trying to get more parties booked and or orders to turn in and advertisement. Very frustraited with work and asking my self what the hell was i thinking when i said i would loose weight and quit smoking at the same time,lol. I am currently looking at other things out there. Not many choices but keeping my eyes open. I am tired right now. I am going to go to town tomorrow, Kaitie is going to hate it, will probably be there all day. Well, more later, right now I am not great company lol. You want to know the worst of it. I started this diet and quit smoking at the same time i got my period. so I should be supper dupper fun and happy next week huh?, lol so well, good night! Right now am cold and going into the living room near the fire.

Sunday day 7....

WEll, this will be short and quick, sorry.
I have ben cig free all day!!!!! I am proud of my accomplishment, but couldnt do it with out all of you and your support. This is not the end of that though. I still have to get past all the cravings and be strong. My meals weren't done right either. we had gotten up late so we had brunch in place of breakfast and lunch. I had 2 eggs, 4 bacon, 3 silverdollar pancakes and coffee. And it was also grocery day and on grocery day we get a pizza from walmart so that we just toss it in etc., but i only ate 2 slices and i had red skin potato salad, for some reason its like a tradition, that is what we eat and if i forget the P salad it isnt the same. lol. Well, that is all for now I hope everyone is enjoying this I will be back later!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A beautiful day great weather!!!!

Today was a good day for me. Sorry Mandi!
I walked the big loop around our house and the barns....5 1/2 TIMES!!!!! The first couple of times Jake did them with me (he had to leave and go do more work) Kaitie did them all with me. Did the stairs for just a bit but heels started hurting something fierce! OMG the made me want to scream...Okay, I did scream. Did some research and I believe it may possibly be Plantar Faciitis. Its been hurting like this for over a year and keeps getting worse. But when you have no insurance, your pretty much up the creek.......
I ate cold cereal late in the morning,lol and for lunch I had EGGS LOL. 2 eggs and toast. for supper I had Grilled chicken and alfredo sause on those spiral noodles, hey noodles are noodles and they were really good. I made sure I made enough for tomorrows lunch. And of course the tea and coffee. mainly tea, working on gallon #3. ( Im not the only one drinking it,lol).
I havent smoked today. I took a drag off of Jakes and it gave me a headache and didnt like the taste of it. really happy that even though i had the urge it is just something to keep my hands busy. I dont really want them and I keep telling my self that. The smoking blanket is coming along rather nicely lol. I am proud of what I was able to accomplish today. I even made sidewalk chalk art with Kaitie on the front porch. I am hoping that this week to come shows some results. Its all going to be okay. Must stay possitive.

Day ?? what day is it?

NO DIET today!! Lots of activity though! Bleaching and Pine Sol all day long. Went to park and played with kids for a while. Alli almost got a concusion this evening. I had to call Childrens Hospital in LR to make sure she was ok. She got hit in the face with the back of Justin's head! Bloody nose and sleepy afterwards. She is okay for real. Finally started my period!! Hallelujha!!! Woooo hooo...dont mean anything good for me. Marital problems....will deal with in time.

Friday, January 2, 2009


First thing......I want to say I am sorry for your pain, Mandi, School friends and family and for Her husband. Today was a sad sad day. I didnt know her, but I have certainly heard that she was a wonderful woman. May we Keep her husband, family and friends in our thoughts and prayers and May she rest in peace. She will not be forgotten.

Today was not as hard as I thought that it would be. I have finally quit smoking as of earlier today. I smoked 4 cigs!!!!!!!!!!! I crave! dont get me wrong, but I am done! Mandi you will too. Today is just not your day to do it.

I at my cereal(cold) got my calcium in, i had my coffee and tea all day. I had a tuna salad sandwich today, yes, again. I had some left from yesterday and Im not a waster. Besides it was easy to make. Supper is pork (Jakes cooking).
I did the stair thing, (so tired of it, feet hurt really bad, yes i am whining!) Went outside for a bit and also helped stack a rick and a half of wood.

Worried about Mandi, you have enough stresses. Worried about my sister, who isn't coming over this weekend after all. They had a prowler out at their house last night. Worried about my neighbor and friend Tria and her son Keith ( who has Leukemia) and that they will be okay. Worried about my husband who tried to re break his nose with a crow bar and i think he did,It looked straighter, working on the other neighbors car. I worry about so many things and today has been more so than most, but that is okay. cause if I can worry about it and keep from smoking at the same time then i am strong enough to deal with it.(A piece of fudge from Mandi helped,lol)

I didn't realise that caffeine interfered with the break down of fat. hum....... I gave up DP for Tea which is worse?

I am craving something fierce!!! I want a really big big juicy Whopper from Burger King!!!!!!!With a Route 44 Sweet Tea from Sonic. But tonight Its pork chops, hum....

Tomorrow will be a better day. I have to go crochet for a bit... Have a great night.

Day 5---CRAP!!!

Two eggs and bacon and grapefruit for breakfast. Perm, Sets, haircuts and whisker Lunch-----uh-----ok I will be honest. I had 16 oz. of hot chocolate made with milk...and marshmallows. About 245 I had 2 1/2 tacos from taco beuno and a very large plus sized dr. good I even ate the flavored ice!! Took Alli and Logan to the doctor and well Logan has bronchitis again (need to quit smoking around the kids) and Alli has left over croup. One on antibiotics and both on Alahist for congestion. Logan is back on the nebulizer. :( He weighed 28 pounds and Alli weighed 38 pounds.

Dinner I had scrambled eggs, 2 biscuts with gravy, 2 sausages and 2 peanut butter waffles with light syrup. Does it matter that the syrup was lite?? NO! I couldnt help myself! HORRIBLE DAY! I didnt go to the funereal of a former classmate because I didnt think I could mentally handle it. She was such a sweet girl! Going to miss her dearly.

Cant wait for Monday to get here!! Dr appointment at 300 and kids go back to school and ELECTRIC gets shut off!!!!!!!!!! Woo-Hoo!! Gotta come up with $85 quick! Anyone need their hair done??? lol.

Tomorrow is disinfection day here at the house! Windows, carpets and laundry! Sunday will be disinfection in bathroom and kids room. Mopping and sweeping, dishes and countertops, tiles and carpets, washing and drying, wiping and scrubbing, yelling and screaming, kicking and hollaring!!! Sounds like fun---right?

Will get back on track soon. I still am not sitting around snacking and drinking sugar tea!! I am using sweet and low and allowing myself 2 cups a day. Since caffeine interfers with the break down of fat! I have started working on my 1st pack of the 6 pack on my stomach!! LOL I feel it getting sore...tighter??...wore out??...buffing up?? Dont know, It is doing something that is for sure.

Guess I will go to bed now. Going to have bad dreams...I feel it! Because I didnt go to the funeral. I should have went. Thank goodness it was a closed casket funeral. I heard that from Holly. I was worrying about that!

***Salvation Army Thrift Store in Fayetteville sells Small and Large exercise equipment CHEAP! Weights, bikes, treadmills, ab things, leg things and more. The most expensive one I had seen there was $20.***

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thursday-4th day

Well, cant say I was as active as Mandi, but hey I think its great she is as active as she is. It encourages me to keep pushing.
Sorry Hun, I know today was very hard for you on top of all you did at work by keeping "moving" and doing hair.
Today I had coffee and a bowl of cold cereal, shredded wheat,(No added sugar). I had 1 very dry tuna salad sand. for lunch. So dry had to have two glasses of tea to wash it down. Trying to get the omega's,lol. For supper had left over Spaghetti. 1 serving! and no not the whole plate. I had one of those tiny cups of ice cream (40 calories) for desert. And all day I drank Tea. That is the total of my intake today. I had to force that down as it was. Wasn't in the mood to eat, but knew that I had to.
I did the stair stepping as far as exercising went. Cramping so bad today and flow too heavy. Sorry I know its gross to hear, but that's the reality of it all. Just part of life.
I did the normal cleaning, but unlike Mandi, I give up after doing something 3 times in a row in one day. At least I know I will have plenty to do tomorrow.
Kaitie is still sick, It seemed like she was getting better, until this evening. We tried to work on our letters but coloring took over at some point. She is sneaky like that.
Jake got his truck fixed HALLALOOOOOOYAAAA!!!
I need ankle and wrist weights. I don't have room down stairs to put in any big equipment, Kaitie's not allowed upstairs and doesn't always take long enough naps or any naps for that matter. I have been working in the office most of the day, getting everything cleared out from last year and ready for this year. Woo Hoo, so much fun.
I may have my sister and her 6 kids over for the weekend so that will keep me busy. Won't know until tomorrow. That will help with not smoking. She is allergic to the smoke and some of her kids have asthma. I have smoked 6 cigs today and I will be cold turkey come morning. Dear Lord, please help my family understand I still love them that it is just nicotine withdrawal.
This morning I was sooooo tired, felt like my eyes were open all night. Its the tea, am going to the bathroom so much at night. But at least I am pushing the fluids out and hopefully more than just that. Water weight sucks.
I snapped at Kaitie. Poor thing, it was 7am and she stared me strait in the face and said"get up and feed me I am hungry!" AT 7AM!!!!! She ate 2nds at supper the night before in spite of the drainage crap. I feel another growth spurt coming on and we just got in to the size 6's. Thank God Mandi brought her the box of clothes! At this rate she will be 5 ft tall by first grade! Shes already close to 4ft tall at 3yrs.
Tomorrow I plan on doing the eggs and bacon. I have thought about doing the all protein diet. Not sure depends on if she tries to get me up that early again. (Yes I know its not really that early, but for those who know me, you KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)LOL.
Good Night, Hope everyone has had a great 1st Day of the Year!

day 4

OMG!!! Two eggs and two bacon and 6 oz. grapefruit juice....blah! BORING!!! I bet the passers by think I have terrets syndrome!! All the stretching and crap I do as I drive! lunch 330 calorie french bread pizza and tea sweetened with sweet and low.....yum!! grapefruit juice...yuck. Ran up and down the stairs at work 5 times each...thought I was going to have to ask for a wheel chair!!!! Then I walked the entire area around the city hospital!!! Hello asthma!!!! Did 10 heads of hair today...yeah!!! After work went to the visitation of a former classmate. SAD! I cried and cried. Dinner I had meat loaf and spinach and also the stupid black eyed pea rumor!! Doesnt matter how many freaking black eyed peas I eat my luck never changes!! Now I have heart burn!! I had a sip....ok ok.....a gulp ..... or two....ok 20oz of dr. pepper today!!!!!!!! YUMMMMMY I havent had dr pepper for like 5 days! Soo good! Ok back on track now. So...I think Logan has another ear infection. He has been throwing up due to bad cough and screaming! I know he is cutting two molars but I think that it is his ears. Will call doc in morning. Debating wether to go to funereal tomorrow. Want to but need money. I could push my appointments to afternoon but if Logan gets an appointment for the morning or afternoon I will have to miss one of these events for tomorrow. BUT Logan is more important!

Yesterday I ate all 3 strips of bacon!! DANG IT!!! no will power!!