Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday day 7....

WEll, this will be short and quick, sorry.
I have ben cig free all day!!!!! I am proud of my accomplishment, but couldnt do it with out all of you and your support. This is not the end of that though. I still have to get past all the cravings and be strong. My meals weren't done right either. we had gotten up late so we had brunch in place of breakfast and lunch. I had 2 eggs, 4 bacon, 3 silverdollar pancakes and coffee. And it was also grocery day and on grocery day we get a pizza from walmart so that we just toss it in etc., but i only ate 2 slices and i had red skin potato salad, for some reason its like a tradition, that is what we eat and if i forget the P salad it isnt the same. lol. Well, that is all for now I hope everyone is enjoying this I will be back later!

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