Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 5---CRAP!!!

Two eggs and bacon and grapefruit for breakfast. Perm, Sets, haircuts and whisker Lunch-----uh-----ok I will be honest. I had 16 oz. of hot chocolate made with milk...and marshmallows. About 245 I had 2 1/2 tacos from taco beuno and a very large plus sized dr. good I even ate the flavored ice!! Took Alli and Logan to the doctor and well Logan has bronchitis again (need to quit smoking around the kids) and Alli has left over croup. One on antibiotics and both on Alahist for congestion. Logan is back on the nebulizer. :( He weighed 28 pounds and Alli weighed 38 pounds.

Dinner I had scrambled eggs, 2 biscuts with gravy, 2 sausages and 2 peanut butter waffles with light syrup. Does it matter that the syrup was lite?? NO! I couldnt help myself! HORRIBLE DAY! I didnt go to the funereal of a former classmate because I didnt think I could mentally handle it. She was such a sweet girl! Going to miss her dearly.

Cant wait for Monday to get here!! Dr appointment at 300 and kids go back to school and ELECTRIC gets shut off!!!!!!!!!! Woo-Hoo!! Gotta come up with $85 quick! Anyone need their hair done??? lol.

Tomorrow is disinfection day here at the house! Windows, carpets and laundry! Sunday will be disinfection in bathroom and kids room. Mopping and sweeping, dishes and countertops, tiles and carpets, washing and drying, wiping and scrubbing, yelling and screaming, kicking and hollaring!!! Sounds like fun---right?

Will get back on track soon. I still am not sitting around snacking and drinking sugar tea!! I am using sweet and low and allowing myself 2 cups a day. Since caffeine interfers with the break down of fat! I have started working on my 1st pack of the 6 pack on my stomach!! LOL I feel it getting sore...tighter??...wore out??...buffing up?? Dont know, It is doing something that is for sure.

Guess I will go to bed now. Going to have bad dreams...I feel it! Because I didnt go to the funeral. I should have went. Thank goodness it was a closed casket funeral. I heard that from Holly. I was worrying about that!

***Salvation Army Thrift Store in Fayetteville sells Small and Large exercise equipment CHEAP! Weights, bikes, treadmills, ab things, leg things and more. The most expensive one I had seen there was $20.***

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