Friday, January 2, 2009


First thing......I want to say I am sorry for your pain, Mandi, School friends and family and for Her husband. Today was a sad sad day. I didnt know her, but I have certainly heard that she was a wonderful woman. May we Keep her husband, family and friends in our thoughts and prayers and May she rest in peace. She will not be forgotten.

Today was not as hard as I thought that it would be. I have finally quit smoking as of earlier today. I smoked 4 cigs!!!!!!!!!!! I crave! dont get me wrong, but I am done! Mandi you will too. Today is just not your day to do it.

I at my cereal(cold) got my calcium in, i had my coffee and tea all day. I had a tuna salad sandwich today, yes, again. I had some left from yesterday and Im not a waster. Besides it was easy to make. Supper is pork (Jakes cooking).
I did the stair thing, (so tired of it, feet hurt really bad, yes i am whining!) Went outside for a bit and also helped stack a rick and a half of wood.

Worried about Mandi, you have enough stresses. Worried about my sister, who isn't coming over this weekend after all. They had a prowler out at their house last night. Worried about my neighbor and friend Tria and her son Keith ( who has Leukemia) and that they will be okay. Worried about my husband who tried to re break his nose with a crow bar and i think he did,It looked straighter, working on the other neighbors car. I worry about so many things and today has been more so than most, but that is okay. cause if I can worry about it and keep from smoking at the same time then i am strong enough to deal with it.(A piece of fudge from Mandi helped,lol)

I didn't realise that caffeine interfered with the break down of fat. hum....... I gave up DP for Tea which is worse?

I am craving something fierce!!! I want a really big big juicy Whopper from Burger King!!!!!!!With a Route 44 Sweet Tea from Sonic. But tonight Its pork chops, hum....

Tomorrow will be a better day. I have to go crochet for a bit... Have a great night.

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