Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WELL I blew it......

Lol, I blew it big time lol. On Tuesday I met up with Mandi in town. We had lunch together and she did really good, but i BLEW IT! I had a BLT with extra Mayo! And a really big tea,lol. Later that after noon, after I took kaitie it to the doctor, I met up with jake and we ate in town. We went to The Pavillion, for those who dont know, its a chinese Buffet! And boy I really dug in. I was really depressed i guess you could say......Earlier while at the Doc's office with Kaitie I used the scales to weigh in and guess what it said???......315. I have not lost ONE STINKING POUND!!! When i got home i tried really hard to not snack or anything. Before bed i gave in and at a chocolate pop tart. okay i at the whole stinking package (2 tarts). Jake informed me that i was doing great in that department. Said hey dont most people gain lots of weight when they quit smoking and you havent gained anything! I said the night is still young,lol. yeah very positive huh. Anyway, I understand and agree with him, but it still sucks. I have been eating so differently and exercising and all. Well, at least i havent picked up another cig. 3 days now!!!!!Today hasnt been so hard. Went to fun city to meet up with other moms in the NWA Playgroup. it was okay, missed my friends lol. Kaitie had the biggest blast ever! After she puked, yup on the way over there she PUKED!All over her self lol it was discusting but I swung in to the local dollar store got her another outfit and cleaned her up and figured we were already there and she was crying wanting to go so we did and she loved it. It was a lot of fun just wish that it was closer to home. I have had another sandwich on wheat bread and oven roasted turkey. I may have stepped out of line on my diet but am going to pick it right back up. And yes i was mean to Mandi and i admit it. I made her wait to have a cig,lol. That was fun lol Just kidding. but it was good for you.!
Am posting now because I fear that not if but when i sit in my recliner i will fall asleep and well. im that tired. Does anyone remember what it was like to play in a Ball Pit? Hum......


  1. I didn't do good!!! what are you talking about. I ate a reg. chili cheese coney and like 5 pieces of fun size chocolate bars. THAT IS NOT GOOD!! Waiting that extra 30 min for a cig was good for me!

    I am EXTREMEMLY proud of you! Dont get discouraged! If you knock out cigs and that is all that is great!!!! You will start to loose weight....I promise. Just keep doing what you are doing! Quit snacking on fattening stuff! Eat better snacks like a handful of pretzels or 1 slice of wheat bread with peanut butter.

    Keep up the good work...I BELIEVE IN YOU MARYANN!!

  2. I believe in you too, Mary!!!! You know I have lost a few pds myself. I try to eat oatmeal in the mornings! Cause it sticks with me!!!! If I get hungry I try to eat grapefruit because it burns calories and for lunch eat salad!!!! For dinner you need to have oven roasted chicken and veggies, lots and lots of veggies!!! Green is better for you but I sneak in corn every once in awhile! I like to make me a salad only sometime too! But I pile lots of cucumbers carrots tomatoes, shreddred cheese and the salad toppings with sunflower seeds in it and bacon bits!You will be surprised how delicious it is and very feeling too! I have been drinking about 64 ounces of water a day but I have to put crystal light in it! they have the cheaper brand great value same thing!!!! try it!!! Its better than the tea that you are drinking! Trust me! If you decide to keep drinking tea, by some splenda! it is better for you! I hope this encourages you!! Love you!!!!!