Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My 3rd day!

Well, I didn't have time to cook my eggs and bacon this morning. So I stopped at Taco Place in Fayetteville and ordered myself 2 eggs and 1/2 order of bacon (3 strips) for $2.98. 1 strip too many..........did I eat it??? I will let you wonder about that?.! I brought my grapefruit juice from home and drank it after I ate my 2 eggs and ??? strips of bacon. When I got to work I walked quickly (because it burns more calories and because I was late!! LOL). Did like 4-5 heads of hair and left at noon. Went to the bank and then to that gas station where the scale in the bathroom told me I weighed 210. :( That is okay! 5 pounds is 5 pounds right! Pissed off and disappointed in the results from that !@#%$ machine, I went and got the kids from my sisters house. Logan is cutting two molars right now. SCREAMING!! both me and him!!!!!!!!! Alli is bossy and Justin is annoying!! I am sooo flippin' stressed out right now! Anyways went to Wendy's and got a BLT grilled chicken salad and kids food. Ate my salad with Logan on my lap. Went to take a nap after I drank my grapefruit juice and didnt get up till 430pm. Logan threw up! For those of you who dont know....I DONT HANDLE VOMIT VERY WELL!! I hollared for my mother in law to help...little did I know she was in the bathroom throwing up too! GAG!! OMG! I just knew I was going to vomit. But I didn't! She cleaned it and him up and again I had to hold him!! My arms are so sore from all the working out I have been doing. But whatever! Dinner time came and I ate Charlies Chicken with okra. NO GRAPEFRUIT JUICE because now I feel sick!! I still have the wonderfull diarreah!!! And a headache. And my peroid is late, so I am bitchy!!! I go to the doctor on monday to get put on Wellbutrin XL!!!!! Thank god, sanity is just a few days away!!

Happy new year to all! I will be in bed shortly after this post! I have tried to stay awake in the past and just dont work for me. Too tired from splitting fighting kids up and working all day! Sorry to be a party pooper (lol...literately diarreah!! LOL) but I just dont celebrate the first day of a new year and never will! Oh yeah and it is my ex-fiancee's bday tomorrow that is another reason to NOT celebrate! I will be slacking off the cancer sticks as of AM tomorrow! That is what I need support for! BITCHY DAYS ARE A COMING----Dont take it personal!

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