Monday, December 29, 2008

Our weight loss challenge.....

We are starting on a NEW US for the NEW YEAR!!!
Mandi and I have decided that we want a NEW US by this time next year. We are asking for your support in helping us loose the weight. Doing this blog and allowing others to "weigh" in is a way to make it more real for us and to help us try harder.
I for one hate my picture being taken! I don't like to see how horrible I look. I Hope that by allowing you to actually see me can help shock me into shedding the pounds.

The unique factor in this challenge is that Mandi and I both have Hypothyroidism. Its an unforgiving condition to have. There are many "problems" associated with having a throid problem.

With a major imbalance of hormones it is much harder to maintain our weight and peace of mind, so to speak.
Yes, with proper medication and a steady routine it is possible. It will be even better with the support of our family and friends to help keep us on track.

One more thing to through into the mix: We are also giving up Cigarettes!!! Yes! We are going to lose the weight and stop smoking and get HEALTHY.
We have both set achievable goals and building from there. We have set our starting weight loss goal at 30lbs and praying for more!!!
There are other family members that are doing this with us. SUPPORT, SUPPORT SUPPORT!
That with DETERMINATION is what we are needing to fight this battle!

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