Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I dont have a scale, so dont know if I am making any progress. I have to be! I want some grapefruit! I know I said it was gross, but it apparently is working for you and I will suffer and do the grapefruit thing, BUT I will not eat asparagus, I draw the line with that and mushrooms,lol. I didn't eat the whole plate, sure wanted to though! And I have been crocheting when I get the urge to smoke especially if I had already had one that hour. I am now up to 17 rows on the throw I am making,lol. I need fresh veggies! I can eat the heck out of a salad! Today so far I have had breakfast WITH my coffee. I am getting ready to eat lunch with Kaitie and when she is down for her nap I am going to make trips up and down the stairs. Too dangerous for when she is awake. Those of you that have seen the stairs know that there isnt a handrail and if you know Kaitie, she wants to be part of it all lol. And she is sick right now, actually sounds like a raspy congested cough, and her nose OMG, talk about allergies. I am going to bundle her up after her nap and walk the loop around our house, Make it into a game, if she isnt too sick other wise its Stair not-so Master,lol. I have only allowed myself to have ONE piece of this wonderful Fudge Mandi made for Christmas. So It has been my reward for a good day. Since Im not being very good,lol. It may still be there for another week! Thank you all for supporting us!

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  1. well---my scale lied!! I weighed in at the gas station called green oak center in farmington and it said 210!!! But still 5 pounds is good. I still have diarreah...thank god!! if I was constipated I would be heavier right becuase I would be full of crap!! More so than ever!